August 22, 2019

International Council of Beverages Associations’ Response to the World Health Organization’s Report “Microplastics in Drinking-water”


Today the International Council of Beverages Associations (ICBA) released the following statement in response to the World Health Organization’s report on microplastics:

““The global non-alcoholic beverage industry supports WHO’s effort to review available information related to microplastics, which is a new and emerging field. We welcome the opportunity to work with the broader scientific community to contribute to peer-reviewed analysis that can further meaningful discussion on this issue. Our industry maintains the highest safety and quality standards for all of our products, including bottled water. Consumers can remain confident that their bottled water products are safe.”

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The International Council of Beverages Associations (ICBA) is an international nongovernmental organization established in 1995 that represents the interests of the worldwide non-alcoholic beverage industry. The members of ICBA include national and regional beverage associations, as well as international beverage companies that operate in more than 200 countries and territories and produce, distribute, and sell a variety of non-alcoholic sparkling and still beverages, including soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, bottled waters, flavored and/or enhanced waters, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, 100% fruit or vegetable juices, nectars and juice drinks, and dairy-based beverages. For media inquiries please contact ICBA’s media line at +1 (202) 463-6739 or

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