The beverage industry is committed to working together with a range of stakeholders, including governments, to doing our part to help create healthier food environments. We are making a difference with our voluntary actions to reduce sugar consumption from beverages, through our efforts to innovate, reformulate and offer smaller portions.

Sugar Reduction Pledges

ICBA and its members have long supported evidence-based efforts to address global health and nutrition-related challenges.

Nutrition Labeling Commitments

Front-of-package nutrition labeling provides easily understood nutritional information on the front of beverages to enable consumers at a glance to make informed dietary choices in support of a healthy and balanced diet.

Energy Drink Guidelines

The international non-alcoholic beverages industry recognizes its responsibility to play a positive role in contributing to discussions about energy drinks.

Marketing to Children Guidelines

Recognizing and respecting that parents and caregivers are best placed to determine what is appropriate for their children to consume, the beverage industry has also long made robust commitments in the area of advertising and marketing to children.

Environmental Sustainability

The global non-alcoholic beverage industry recognizes the urgent need for action in order to protect our planet and promote well-being for all. Our members stand in strong support of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Beverages in Schools

School health and wellness is an issue of importance around the globe, including to the beverage industry.