The global beverage industry recognizes that obesity and its related diseases is a complex issue that requires meaningful solutions and multi-stakeholder involvement.

While there is no one solution to solve the complex issue of obesity, the global beverage industry recognizes that it is critical that all stakeholders in society engage in cross-sector dialogue to develop holistic and sustainable solutions to the nutrition-related challenges affecting the global community.  Leaning in, our member companies and associations around the world have stepped up to be part of the solution and have made voluntary sugar and calorie reduction pledges to help consumers to reduce their sugar from beverages though innovation, smaller portion sizes, no- and low-calorie beverages and transparent, fact-based nutrition information.

Explore the links below to get more information on the sugar and calorie reduction pledges from our various member associations around the globe as well as our  ICBA position statement on labeling and fact sheets on low- and no-calorie sweeteners.