ICBA and its members have long been supportive of meaningful and science-based efforts to help consumers make informed food and beverage choices toward healthful diets.

The global non-alcoholic beverage industry recognizes the urgent need for action to prevent and reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all. The non-alcoholic beverage industry has actively contributed to these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by developing and offering a wide range of beverages, including those with low-and no-sugar and smaller portion sizes, to support a healthy diet. We recognize that continued progress requires a strong and targeted focus, including the use of tools such as labeling, to drive effective change. Therefore, we support the effort of governments to introduce science-based interpretative front-of-package nutrition labeling, as it can be a useful tool for helping people making informed dietary choices as well as incentivizing companies to innovate and reformulate.

Explore the links below to get more information on the front-of-package labeling commitments from our various member associations around the globe as well as our  ICBA position statement on interpretative labeling.